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Facilitated art activities 'Hiromi Hotel: Rainbow'
March 11 - April 15, 2023

Join our artist facilitators in art activities to participate in the collaborative making of Hiromi Hotel: Rainbow. Trained by the artist Hiromi Tango, our faciliators will gently guide you through the process. All materials are supplied, and the processes can be tapered for all ages, abilities, and desired levels of input.

We will have facilitators availble on the following days if you would like to drop into our pop-up space and join a workshop.

Thursday March 16, 11.30am – 4pm
Wedneday March 22, 10am - 1pm, def led
Thursday March 23, 11.30am – 4pm
Friday March 24, 10am - 4pm
Wedneday March 29, 10am - 1pm, deaf led
Thursday March 30, 11am – 5pm
Friday April 7, 10am - 4pm
Wednesday April 5, 10am - 1pm, deaf led
Thursday April 6, 11.30am – 4pm
Wednesday April 12, 10am - 1pm, deaf led
Thursday April 13, 11am – 5pm  
Friday April 14, 10am - 4pm

If you would like to book a time outside of these slots, or for more informtation and to dicuss alternative arragments please contact our Public Engagement Officer, Linsey Gosper

Hiromi Hotel: Rainbow is a sensory installation that takes inspiration from ‘the rainbow,’ drawing on colours and symbology of this natural wonder (hope, equality, new beginnings). The rainbow is a recurring theme in the artist’s work, however, it has particular significance for Lismore. Lismore is in the ‘rainbow region,’ and its ever-changing weather means residents enjoy the regular privilege of seeing these beautiful arches of colour. The significance of the rainbow to Lismore is so pertinent that the Auslan sign for Lismore is “rainbow,” expressed through an upward, arching motion of the hand. Importantly, the rainbow is a symbol for the LGBTIQA+ community, a key part of Lismore’s cultural identity.

The work in the exhibition is by Hiromi Tango in collaboration with the Lismore community and other communities Tango has worked with, including the Townsville and Wollongong communities. Hiromi Hotel was first realised in 2009, as community engagement project where everyone is welcome. It has been created in many spaces and iterations since, offering a place for visitors to rest, unpack their thoughts and feelings, and perhaps lighten their spirits.

One of the central works in the exhibition is a rainbow garden. Applying Tango’s playful and engaging techniques, visitors and the local community will be contributing to this collaborative piece, tucking in flowers, foliage and colourful twisted, abstract forms created from upcycled fabric and yarn.

Some of the more specific iconographies in the garden have been defined by the artist facilitators, who will be helping the community, showing processes, and encouraging them into the ideas of the project. These include the lilly pilly, the bleeding heart tree, echinacea and the she-oak. The garden speaks to ecologies in nature and in community, valuing growth, relationships and balance.

People viewing Hiromi Hotel: Rainbow can experience it as they would any exhibition, or they can get actively involved. This gentle engagement and Tango’s artistic processes that encourage movement and uncomplicated human interaction, have known therapeutic benefits. Tango has done a lot of work with the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and mental health researcher Dr Emma Burrows, applying theories about how colour, playful spaces, and movement can influence mood.
Hiromi Hotel: Rainbow invites you to spend slow time in a nurturing environment and contribute to this collaborative creative project.



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