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Deborah Kelly :: CREATION
10 Nov 2021 – 6 Feb 2022
Gallery 1

CREATION is a sprawling collaborative artwork proposing experimental, ritualised engagements with climate denialism. 

CREATION seeks to build the substance of a new belief structure with which to entangle the rise of the irrational and its threat to civil society; one that emulates the emotive and sensual allure of faith. The cumulative artwork seeks to offer secular society the senses of ritual and connection that mobilise religious communities. 

CREATION is being developed around Australia with writers, storytellers, visual artists, musicians, dancers, costumiers, foodies and ritual-makers. These gathered powers will together build a pleasure-based insurrection, a glorious riposte, a community of believers talking back to the predators of the future.

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Love, Lies and Indoctrination :: Asphyxia

Love, Lies and Indoctrination :: Asphyxia

29 Oct - 21 Nov 2021
Event Space

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