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Occulture :: Steve Waller
28 Mar - 10 May 2020
Gallery 5

As an artist I am interested in my work somehow affecting cultural change. The writer Herbert Marcuse proposed that art has the power to bring forward change in society through non-violent means. Not with pleasing anaesthesia, often found with mass media, but through engaging thought provoking, often jarring aesthetics.

Responding to this, I try to invoke in my work an energetic disturbance, quasi reality, intentionally contradicting, powerfully disturbing, yet beautiful.

Knowing the limitations of our senses, we struggle with the perception of the unseen. The materialist notions of understanding the physical realms, and why we need to perpetually quantify the unknown. This show is looking at the magical and the mysterious in our Culture and references the rising interest in the Occult.





Dissonant Rhythms :: Ross Manning

Dissonant Rhythms :: Ross Manning

24 Apr - 14 June 2020
Gallery 1

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