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The content of this website was believed to be accurate at the time of publishing. Some of this content may be out of date or inaccurate. Lismore Regional Gallery (LRG) and Lismore City Council (LCC) takes no responsibility for any decisions made or action taken on the basis of this information.

Further, this website contains links to websites of other agencies associated with the functions of LRG. The content of these websites is not created or maintained by LRG or LCC, and as such Lismore City Council takes no responsibility for the consequences of viewing or using such content. It is the responsibility of the Internet user to make their own decisions about the accuracy, currency, reliability or correctness of information they find on the Internet.

There may also be content contained on this website which you find obscene or offensive. The existence of this sort of material is the result of the nature of the Internet - as there is no general quality control; nor is there any overall censorship. The freedom the Internet gives to individuals to disseminate information makes it a unique and valuable medium of communication.

However, it does mean that users have to learn to ignore things they find offensive, and to respect, or at least tolerate the beliefs and opinions of others.




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